Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bragging about my nephew

My oldest nephew started 4th grade on Monday. I can't believe that! He turned 10 this summer. Wow!

On Monday evening, I received this email from his mom:

Hi all,
You know how I love to share C’s accomplishments, well,
today was a great day for my little man as he started 4th grade. He came home with a couple of notes. The first one said that he has been moved to the accelerated math program because he tested ahead of where he should be. He’ll start 5th grade math. He also has completely tested out of spelling, so he’s starting a new spelling curriculum next week and apparently it’s pretty hard. His teacher called me today. I was so surprised. She said, “First of all, I know it’s only the first day, but I just adore C. He is such a great kid and so enjoyable to be around.” She was calling to tell me not to worry that his spelling homework (a good 1 ½ hours of total homework tonight…whew) was too easy, that she’d send home different words next week. I didn’t even think about it. LOL It was nice to speak to her and I’m looking forward to meeting her at Back-to-School night. She’s new to the district. C said,”She’s young. She’s only 27.” He had a good day. I’m so very very proud of him and how hard he works and that he is well-behaved at school. How proud Doug would be of his son, don’t ya think? I know that a lot of kids are good at school and are
responsible, etc., but this is my kid and he’s been through a lot. I am just so thankful to be his Mom and that we have each other. God is good!

I am proud of him, too!

I went to his bus stop to see him get on the bus Monday morning, but I ran into some traffic so I missed him by 6 minutes! The first year I've missed him getting on the bus the first day of school! Thankfully, Corie took some pictures! She hasn't uploaded them yet because she got a new computer and is having trouble with all the new programs. But here's a fairly recent picture of C:

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