Tuesday, November 25, 2008

M is 4!

My youngest nephew turned 4 on November 15th! The family celebration was held on Saturday.

The Transformer birthday cake
Making a wish!

Opening presents! He received a lot of Hot Wheels stuff!

And when he opened the Scooby-Doo DVD, he said, "It's what I always wanted!" Too cute!
Brotherly love!

Even though it was his birthday, he w.o.u.l.d. NOT smile much! But he was very cute when he thanked everyone for their gift and gave lots of hugs and kisses!
Happy Birthday, M! I love you!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday's Fave Five - My 2nd One

This is my second time participating in Susanne's Friday's Fave Five.

1. Participating in a Boyds Bingo fundraiser for a 7-year-old girl with a rare form of cancer...and winning two games! The first game and the last game!

2. Enjoying fresh Fall flowers. They're from our Annual Luncheon.

3. Being organized enough this week to set up the coffee pot the night before so there's hot, fresh coffee when I wake up! I love the smell of coffee, and waking up to it is just wonderful.

4. Comfort food! I made a big casserole dish of The Lady's Cheesy Mac ("The Lady" being Paula Deen!) on Tuesday and had my best friend and her two boys over for dinner. I'm still enjoying the leftovers.

5. Two evenings this week without anything planned. No meetings to attend, no "chores" to be done, etc. I did get some of my scrapbooking stuff organized. Still working on that!
It was a great week! I hope yours was, too.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thanks 'N' Giving Swap

I participated in Susan's Thanks 'N' Giving Swap. She was my partner! Here are the things she sent me:

A crocheted hot pad, an apron she made, an oven mitt and two pot holders, Pumpkin Spice body wash, 6 tea bags, a wooden pumpkin that says "Give Thanks," a Mary Englebreit book, a cloth grocery bag that she also made, and a Fall table runner. I love everything! I've already used the body wash, I have the wooden pumpkin with my Fall decortions, along with the Mary Englrebreit book, and I plan to use all the other stuff real soon!

Oh, here's the table runner on my kitchen island. It's really long, so I have it folded in half. I'll use it on my dining table at some point - right now I have a Fall tablecloth on it. At least I finished going through all my magazines - you couldn't even seen the tablecloth from all the magazines and articles I was saving to file!

If I had to pick a favorite thing, it would be the apron! I didn't have a Fall/Autumn-themed apron, so I love this one! Plus, she made it! Now I should host Thanksgiving Dinner so I get to wear it soon!

Thanks, Susan! I enjoyed being your partner.

She posted the things I sent her in this post.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

Fall 2008

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love all the vibrant colors and the warm days and cooler evenings. Here are some pictures I took:

I took these first four from the 8th floor of the parking garage at work. I was hoping to get the colors of the trees in the mountains, but they're too far away. But the view is cool!

This is the front of my house. Nothing spectacular. I just wanted a picture with my McCain/Palin yard sign!

Here's the tree I see every morning out my front door.

And here's the same tree four days later!

Another tree, to the left of my front door.

I took these last two pictures on my way home from visiting my sister and her family. I was driving, down a mountain, put the window down, with my camera out the window, and just snapped. LOL It was cloudy and drizzling. On the way to visit them, it was beautiful - warm and sunny - but I didn't stop to take any pictures. ::sigh::