Friday, December 30, 2005

Dad's & Tom's Birthdays

Let's have more birthday celebrations! Dad's birthday is December 16th and Tom's is the 18th. We typically celebrate them together and we did so this year on December 18th with dinner at Mom and Dad's. We had tacos, one of Tom's favorites, and instead of birthday cake, we had birthday pies - peach and apple - with ice cream. Of course, there were presents for both of them!

Tom and Dad open presents! A sweatshirt from me for Dad and I finally started Tom's album of his August 2004 trip to Washington State!

Lordy, lordy I am 40!

My family had a surprise 40th birthday party for me on Saturday, December 17th! We had dinner beforehand. Mom made deviled roundsteak, mashed potatoes, and baked corn - my favorites! Then they cleaned up and sent me in the living room with the kids, which I didn't mind. Photo ops, you know! I was messing around with my camera, and looked up and there stood Linda and Mary and Jim!!!!!! As the evening went on, more family and friends stopped in. It was a great party! One that I will remember always. And one that I can't wait to scrapbook!!

Me and Matty, Corie with my cake, and making a wish!

Benny and Matty - 12/16/05

I babysat Benny and Matty on Friday, December 16th while Ben and Wendie went to dinner and then Christmas shopping.

The boys were well behaved and fun, as always!

RTW Staff Christmas Party

The RTW Staff Christmas Party was held at my house on Wednesday, December 14, 2005. We held to all our traditions -- stocking stuffers, searching for the pickle, and our meal. However, this year, I cooked the filet mignon!! It was a fun, delightful evening. Unfortunately, Judi didn't make it - she got a flat tire on her way and wasn't able to get it fixed in time.

Lois found the pickle!

Lois, Betty, Mom, Susan, Jo, and Mrs. Gilbert

Friday, December 23, 2005

Andrew's 7th Birthday!

Andrew's 7th birthday party was held on Sunday, December 11, 2005, a day before his actual birthday. Vickie had the party at Kranzel's Raceway. The kids got to race cars around a race track with a control. They loved it! They also loved the pinata, filled with chocolate candy! Andrew got lots of cool gifts, including a big truck from Dad in Kuwait!

Caleb's Acting Debut!

Caleb performed in his second grade class's play, Anansi and the Talking Melon, on Wednesday, December 7, 2005. Mom, Dad, Corie, and I were able to attend the afternoon performance. There were various animal parts and Caleb played the elephant. Each child made his/her own costume! It was a very cute play! Way to go, Caleb!

Mom's 61st Birthday

We celebrated Mom's 61st birthday with dinner at Corie and Caleb's. She received gift certificates to Red Lobster and some pajamas. Ben and Wendie weren't able to celebrate with us because Benny was sick. Wendie did stop by for a brief visit. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Benny and Matty - 11/30/05

I went to visit Wendie, Benny, and Matty on November 30th. Ben was teaching class that evening. Here are some cute pictures of the boys!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom and Dad hosted Thanksgiving at their house. Of course, there's was lots of yummy food! Mom stuffed and cooked the 20-pound turkey that was donated by Corie (Giant grocery reward points!), and she also made mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Corie made a green bean casserole, and I made pumpkin pies. Tommy brought the Cool Whip! We are so blessed and enjoyed a wonderful time together. We missed Ben, Wendie, Benny, and Matty. They spent Thanksgiving weekend in New York with Ben's Aunt Louise.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Corie's Birthday

We celebrated Corie's 37th birthday on her birthday (November 15th) at Mom and Dad's with dinner, cake, ice cream, and presents! We (Mom, Dad, me, Ben, Wendie, Benny, Matty, Caleb, and of course, Corie) were all there to celebrate.

Corie makes a wish and Caleb looks on as Corie reads a birthday card.

Matty Turns1!

We celebrated Matty's first birthday two days early, on November 13th, at Ben and Wendie's. Matty's grandparents - Mammy and Pappy & Oma and Opa - came to celebrate, as did his Aunt Corie, cousin Caleb, Uncle Tommy, me, and his Aunt April and Uncle Mike and their four kids. It was a great celebration! Matty loved it when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him! It took him a while to dig into his piece of cake, but eventually he stuck his hand in the icing!