Saturday, July 29, 2006

Easter 2006 - April 16th

Ben and Wendie hosted Easter dinner at their house. The kids had fun playing outside and we were able to have our Easter Egg hunt outside this year - no rain!

Ashley is Sweet Sixteen!

I don't know how it's possible, but Ashley turned 16 on April 12th. Vickie had a party for her that evening. Gram, Pap-Pap, Nanny, Pappy, me, her brothers, Justin, and her boyfriend, Tony, were there to celebrate.

Ashley makes a wish; Ashley and Tony; opening the present from her brothers.

New Vacuum Cleaner

Woohoo! I got a purple vacuum cleaner in April! It really sucks up the cat hairs, which is what I needed a vacuum cleaner to do!

PA Leadership Conference

The 2006 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference was held on Friday and Saturday, March 31st and April 1st. The Liberty Dinner Keynote Speaker was Joe Scarborough. He gave an entertaining and thought-provoking speech. The speakers and panelists on Saturday all did a great job.

Joe Scarborough; our emcee, Susan; and John and Janice.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ben's and Wendie's Birthdays

We celebrated Ben's and Wendie's birthdays on Thursday, March 30th with dinner, cake, ice cream, and presents at Mom and Dad's. Ben turned 37 on March 21st and Wendie turned 36 on March 25th.

It was warm enough for the kids to be outside and they loved the riding car with ramp that Mammy got at a yard sale!

Caleb, Benny, and Matty take turns on the ramp!

Corie, Dad and Mom with the cake, and Benny helps Mommy make a wish!

Ben, Wendie, and Matty enjoy cake; Benny enjoys a popsicle; and Uncle Tommy made homemade ice cream! YUMMY!

Creative Memories Open House

I held my first Creative Memories Open House as a consultant on Friday and Saturday March 24th and 25th. It was a fun experience! Folks came to shop and crop! Here are some pictures of my display tables.

Apparently, Penni liked the table with the blue table cloth!

At the Playground

After breakfast on Saturday morning, March 11th, I took the boys to the playgraound at the elementary school across from my house. They had fun and I enjoyed the photo ops! After the playground, we went home and had lunch - Chef Boy R Dee Ravioli - and then I took the boys home in the afternoon. They all had a good time and want to come back; so I'll have them over again!

Caleb, Andrew, and Austin