Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boys Overnight

Caleb, Andrew, and Austin stayed over at my house on Friday, June 10th. It was Andrew's first time away from his Mom! He did fine! The boys did some arts and crafts on Friday evening. I'll post some separate pictures from Saturday.

Caleb, Austin, and Andrew doing some crafts.

Brushing their teeth before bed.

Ready for bed!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Vickie's 41st Birthday

After spending the day with Corie and Wendie, I went to Vickie's 41st birthday party, hosted by Pete and Connie, on Saturday evening, March 4th. Vickie's actual birthday is March 1st.

Vickie opens presents!

Vickie's parents, Ellie and Andy

Scott's parents, Pete and Connie

Vickie makes a wish!

Sister's Day Out

On Saturday, March 4, 2006, Corie, Wendie, and I had a sister's day out! First, we went bra shopping at Underneath It All, then to lunch at Pizza Grille, followed by shopping at the Gettysburg Outlets! It was a fun and enjoyable day!

Corie and Wendie in the changing
rooms at Underneath It All

Sweet Retreat - 2/24-26/06

Sweet Retreat - a weekend of scrapbooking at a nearby hotel! We also have fun gabbing and eating and hot-tubbing!

Here's Patti doing some scrapbooking

Patti and her daughter Kerri in the hot tub

Kay and daughter Evie scrapbooking

Dinner at Ben and Wendie's - 2/16/06

I went to Ben and Wendie's for dinner on 2/16/06 and just happened to have my camera to get some pictures of Benny and Matty!

Super Bowl Party - 2/5/06

Vickie hosted a Super Bowl party - she and her Dad are Steelers fans! And the Steelers won!
The house is decorated for the Super Bowl.

Vickie is into the game, Terrible Towel in hand.
The Steelers score!