Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Harvest Time

My brother planted several gardens this year. It's a new passion for him! Here are some of the fruits vegetables of his labor:

Gorgeous tomatoes and some chili peppers

Cherry tomatoes. Just pop one in your mouth!

From this:

To this.

These are turnips.

The tomatoes and corn are delicious! Mom will be making some turnips and potatoes soon and I believe she and Tommy made tomato soup from all the tomatoes!

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Diane J. said...

Mmmmm....that garden stuff looks delicious! I love fresh produce and to have stuff canned and frozen for winter.

As far as your sidebar, did you add something new lately? Apparently it messed up your template code some way.

Thanks for your prayers, Jada. Now we wait some more.....*Sigh*....

Love and hugs,