Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another post about food!

First off, I made shortcakes with Bisquick. YUMMY! Vickie and the boys came over for dinner on July 19th. This was our dessert. For dinner, we had pizzas on English muffins. I didn't take any pictures on the 17th, but I made them for myself on the 19th and remembered to take pictures. They're below the shortcakes and strawberries.

Here are the ingredients I used, along with English muffins...and the end result!

Anyone ever see bananas this small? I never had, so when I saw them at the grocery store, I bought a bunch. They taste like regular bananas. Who knew!
My brother planted several different types of gardens this year and the zucchinis are doing well! I sliced the zucchini, dipped the slices in olive oil, put them in a frying pan, then I sprinkled some Parmesan and mozzarella cheese. More yumminess!
Well, that's it. I do have some pictures to share of the boys when they stayed overnight last weekend. I will post them when I return mid next week!
Enjoy your weekend!

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Susie said...

The berries and shortcake biscuits look yummy. Isn't the fresh fruit delicious at this time of year?