Friday, August 10, 2007


On Friday, July 27th, Caleb, Andrew, and Austin slept over at my house.

We played Pictionary on Friday evening after we had pizza for dinner:

I made pancakes for breakfast and mac 'n cheese for lunch. The boys had fun wrestling and having several pillow fights in my living room.

My living room is normally very tidy. Not so when the boys are here!

I said, "Okay, boys, time to fold your sheets and blankets." As you can see, they are fast listeners. NOT! LOL

They had a fun time and Penni (my cat) even survived!
Here they are on a rock in my neighborhood:


Laane said...

Haha! Great bunch!!!

Diane J. said...

I could feel the energy just from the pictures, I can just imagine what it was like in person, LOL! ;D

Have a great week, Jada.

Love and hugs,