Friday, August 17, 2007

Trip to Minnesota

On Sunday, August 5th, I boarded a plane to Minneapolis for Creative Memories 20th Anniversary Showcase. I hate to fly! But I figured since CM only celebrates one 20th anniversary, I wasn't going to miss out on the celebrating!

I arrived in Minneapolis around 2:00 PM. I had contacted an online friend who lives in MN to see if he and his family wanted to MIRL. He and I had 'met' in an AOL 30 Something chatroom in 1997 or so, but had never MIRL. His wife and two boys weren't able to join us, but Jeff and I went to dinner and had a good, fun time. I had the best sesame crusted chicken ever! We did a lot of walking so I'm sure there were no calories!

Here's a statue of Mary Tyler Moore.

Jeff and me

Monday and Tuesday were filled with non-stop CM activities.

A card and pin at table setting for dinner.

The yummy dessert!

On the way home! I was so glad to be on the ground!!

It's hard to believe it's been more than a week since I returned!

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