Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Christmas Memories

This Christmas, like all others, is filled with many memories. We went to Mame's (Dad's 92-year-old mother) on Christmas Eve, as is our tradition every year. Everyone was there, except Danielle who was at her boyfriend's. We had plenty of food and we played bingo, both traditions!

This is Mame with most of her great-grandchildren.

After Mame's, we went to Mom and Dad's for more food and to exchange our stockings.

Uncle Tommy and Matty listen to the musical Christmas story.

Matty and Benny are watching Curious George.

While we were at Mom and Dad's, Santa stopped by! Benny was so excited, Matty -- not so much. And Caleb knew Santa was Uncle Tommy.

Here's a video of when Santa arrived:

Here are the boys with Mom and Santa

Caleb's reaction to his new bicycle!

It was great to see the kids open their presents and be excited. Ben, Wendie, and the boys opened their presents at Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve since they would be with Ben's family Christmas Day. Matty was excited about every gift he opened. It was too cute!

Mom made ham and turkey with all the fixin's for Christmas Dinner. It was delicious, as always. I left Mom and Dad's with the chills and aches so I went to bed when I got home. Fortunately, the flu didn't last long, but it made me tired. I had off work Monday - Wednesday, which was nice, but I didn't get anything done I wanted to because I was in the bed! I went to work for a couple of hours on Thursday and worked all day Friday.

I hope your Christmas was filled with many memories and that 2007 brings you much love, happiness, and joy!

I'm hosting New Year's Day dinner at my house - making the traditional pork and sauerkraut with dumplings and mashed potatoes.

Happy 2007!

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