Thursday, December 14, 2006

Call the Poweece!

While I was in NY this past weekend, I got each of my nephews a zipper pull - they look like a NY license plate and have their names on. I gave Caleb his when he, Mammy, and I went out to dinner on Monday night. I decided to mail Benny and Matty's in a get well card for each since they are both sick.

Benny's card and zipper pull arrived safely. Matty's did not. We're not sure if it fell out of the envelope (I had it wrapped in tissue paper) or if someone took it out! Here's the conversation between Benny and I:

B: Thank you, Aunt Jada, for my key chain.
J: You're welcome. Do you like it?
B: Yes. Matty didn't get his. Can you call the poweece and tell them?
(poweece = police - hehehe)

I started laughing! I'm not sure he was amused. He put his Mom back on the phone and she asked "Are you gonna get right on that?" LOL

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