Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's my birthday!

I had a memorable day today! I've grown accustomed to my birthday not being remembered by too many since it's close to Christmas. If you have a close-to-Christmas birthday, I'm sure you can relate.
But for a 41st (hey, how did that happen?!) birthday, I have many memories from today!
My family celebrated my birthday on Saturday, along with my Dad's and brother's birthdays, so today I received phone calls from Mom and Dad and each of my siblings. Plus, I received several e-cards, Susan (boss) bought me lunch today (she does that a lot!), Jo sent in a gift, Amy and Carol each gave me a gift, Linda gave me a gift yesterday, as did Judi and Vickie and the kids. Plus, tonight, Patti and Kay took to me out to dinner at Cracker Barrel and they each gave me a gift, too!
My Mom was going to bring lunch in to the office - deviled roundsteak (my favorite!) - but she is sick. I hope she's well enough to go out to lunch tomorrow to celebrate Judith's retirement.
I believe I will end my birthday celebration by heading upstairs to do some reading, even though I haven't done Christmas cards yet! I haven't been able to do squeeze in much reading lately.
I'll turn 41 at 10:41 this evening!

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