Sunday, July 15, 2007

A weekend for reminiscing

Instead of reading my Little House on the Prairie books this weekend, I've been cleaning out my boxes of mementos. Oh my word. I was a saver! My goal is to put pictures and any worthy mementos into Creative Memories albums.

Here are some of things I saved, mostly from high school: term papers; book reports; letters from boyfriends, classmates, and school and youth group friends; steno books from Shorthand classes; book covers made from grocery bags that I pasted my boyfriend's name all over; honor roll lists from when I made the honor roll; school newspapers from when I was the editor as a senior in high school; and the list goes on. I also found a bunch of newspaper and magazine articles I saved from when Diana and Prince Charles got married! I remember getting up early that day to watch their wedding.

So far, I've thrown away all the letters. I don't even keep in touch with any of those people but my best friend, Vickie. And I saved a few of the articles from the school newspapers.

This weekend, I also took apart one of those magnetic photo albums with the plastic pages. I was surprised the pictures came out so easily. I had a ton of pictures in that album - 1981-1985. I sorted those and the memorabilia I'm saving.

I still have some more sorting to do, but I'm looking forward to getting all this stuff in albums that are safe and that will last!

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