Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Random Catch Up

It's been a while since I've felt like doing a post. Just haven't been in the mood.

I do have a few things to share.

1. Happy 4th of July! Our nation is 231 years old today! Happy Birthday, America!

2. My brother was in the hospital over the weekend. He was very sick. He had his appendix removed on Saturday evening and didn't come home until Tuesday. Mom and dad are taking care of him as he recuperates. He still has a drainage tube; that comes out Friday. We're thankful he's doing better. He gave us quite a scare.

3. My brother-in-law fell in the shower on Saturday and has been on his back. He's coming along, but another slow process. And his youngest son, my cutie pie nephew, has pink eye!

4. I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few things. My total: $17.76. How cool is that on Independence Day?

5. My neighbors are having a party. And they are being loud. It could be a long night. I have never had any trouble with neighbors. This is a couple who moved in a few months ago and they are noisier than the couple with two kids who lived there previously!

6. I have some pictures to share. They're on my camera upstairs. I am too lazy to go up and get it. LOL I'll share them this weekend.

7. I went to mom and dad's today for a picnic. It was just them, my brother, and me. We had BBQ spare ribs, corn on the cob, cole slaw, grilled zucchini, and I made shortcakes and brought strawberries to go with mom's homemade ice cream. De-lish! And mom gave me leftovers!

8. Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of my brother-in-law's death. I am so thankful he knew the Lord and is heaven, but it's hard on my sister and nephew. They're at Boy Scout camp this week, so I don't know if they'll commemorate tomorrow or not. They usually release some balloons.

9. Well, that's about all I can think of. I'll be back this weekend to share some pictures.

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