Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It was my lucky day!

Yesterday, I decided to park at a parking meter in front of our office building instead of the parking garage several blocks away since I was running late.
I pulled into a parking space, gathered up a total of six quarters from my purse, which would give me an hour of parking. That's right - only 10 minutes of parking per quarter!
When I pushed the button on the meter for my space, I noticed that the empty space next to me had some time on it so I pushed the button for that space. It had 2:52 minutes on it!
I got in my car, backed up, and pulled into that space, added my 6 quarters, which gave me 3:52.
After lunch with Mom, she asked me to add quarters to her meter. I didn't have any more quarters with me, so being a Mom, she gave me some! I was just going to risk it for the afternoon. The meter maids haven't really been giving out tickets.
I added to her meter first. I put the quarter in, it added 10 minutes, and the quarter came back out! I continued to do this for many times, enough to give her 4 hours on her meter!
I put in the same quarter for my meter, it added 10 minutes, and the quarter came back out! About the 20th time, it kept the quarter, so I put another one in, it added 10 more minutes, and kept the quarter. I added another one, it added 10 minutes, and then I got all three quarters back! Well, all three of Mom's quarters!
It was a lucky day!

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Kelli said...

What a nice surprise!!!