Friday, June 13, 2008

Show and Tell

For this week's Show and Tell Friday, I'm sharing pictures of a teapot with four mugs that my future brother-in-law let me have when my sisters and I helped him clean out his basement to get ready for my sister and nephew to move in once they're married. His wife passed away a little over two years ago and my sister's husband passed away seven years ago this July. So for them to find love again is just awesome! We're all so happy for them, though Corie and C will be moving two hours away. =( At least we have email and telephone to communicate!

Be sure to head over to Kelli's to see all the Show and Tell participants!

P.S. I tried to share this as last week's Show and Tell, but Blogger wouldn't let me upload any pictures last Friday morning when I had time to be on the computer!


nannykim said...

Beautiful--what an insentive (hmm, how DO you spell that word) to clean the basement!!

AllyJo said...

They are pretty and what it's even better if for the good news you shared. I'm glad things are better for everyone

Constance said...

I love the floral designs, so dainty and feminine! Makes me want to have a tea party and invite all of my friends over!

Happy weekend!