Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Chatting

I can't believe it's Thursday already! This week is flying by. Actually, this whole year is flying by - it's almost half over!

Do you think I was thirsty last Friday?! I took this picture after I saw all the beverages on my desk! There's a bottle of water, two cups of water, white tea, and coffee. The bottle of water is unopened, but I was drinking from the 4 others throughout the day.

On Saturday, Cindy and I had a picnic at church for our Sunday School class of preschool 3. It was a gorgeous day, and the kids had fun on the playground. We had hotdogs, goldfish crackers, watermelon, and chocolate Rice Krispie treats.

On Saturday evening, I went to dinner at Apple*bee's and to see Mamma Mia with my friend, Linda. What an awesome musical! I loved it. And I found out that the movie version is coming out July 18th. I'll be going to see that, too!

<--the Broadway musical <--the movie version

In Sunday School, some of the kids were clowning around and being cute!

Aren't they adorable?!
On Sunday afternoon, I went to lunch with some of our Board members; then one of them received a Humanitarian Award from the Chapel of Four Chaplains. It was a nice ceremony and a well-deserved award.
This week has been kind of quiet in the evenings on the home front. I went with my sister Corie to pick out and order her wedding flowers on Monday; and haven't done much the rest of the week. Tonight, I have to get ready for my all-day scrapbooking event on Saturday. Our Board meetings are this Friday during the day; then I get a perm; then heading to set up for Saturday. On Sunday, some friends and I are going to Outback for lunch after church. I haven't been there in ages. Can't wait to taste the Bloomin' Onion!
That's all for now! Enjoy your day!

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