Tuesday, May 08, 2007


As promised, here are some pictures to go along with yesterday's post, including some pictures of "my" Preschool II kiddos.

My hanging baskets. Hopefully, I don't kill them! A pot of pansies is on the front porch, along with 3 pots in my flower cart, which I didn't get in the picture.

Creeping flox. Notice the empty flag holder? I bought a spring-themed flag for it, along with a matching larger one for my large flag holder, at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago, but I can't find them!

Bunny's nest. No bunnies so I hope they were old enough to hop off by themselves!

From the daycare center that's part of church. Our Preschool II Sunday School class uses this room on Sundays. I thought all the handprints from the daycare children were adorable.

Following are some pictures of "my" Preschool II kiddos. I had them in Preschool I and was going to remain in PS I, but I got attached to them and followed them to PS II in September. I love it when their parents tell me that when they ask if they want to go to Sunday School, they say, "Yes, see Miss Jada!" I was sick last week so I didn't make it to church and one of the little girls asked "Where's Miss Jada?" You know I will follow them to Preschool III!!

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Susie said...

Your flowers are lovely. I can see why you would be so attached to these sweet little children :)