Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Monday!

It's a little chilly here this morning, but Spring has finally sprung! We had a gloriously beautiful weekend! Sunshine and warmth. My pansies are growing and I bought two hanging baskets. I'll post some pictures later this week. Plus, I think I have another nest of bunnies in my creeping flox. I'll see if I can get some pictures without disturbing the nest.

I've been watching previous episodes of CSI on DVD, though I haven't been as obsessive about it! I only watched 4 episodes this weekend!

On Saturday, I hosted a Mother's Day Crop and Vickie and Ellie came. We had a fun time. They scrap booked and I finally created a StoryBook. I think it's going to be awesome! It's of my 3 nephews and I can't wait to see it and show it to everyone! Vickie mentioned that one of our teachers from 8th grade passed away. I vaguely remembered him since he was only at the school for a year or two so I wanted to look up his picture in a yearbook. While I was looking for my yearbooks, I came across a bunch of letters that Vickie had written to me. Oh my word! We were so immature! We were about 14 years old, fighting over boys, and who got to sit beside who. Ellie, Vickie's mom, commented, "Look how far you've come!" It was fun reading those letters and reminiscing.

Mom invited me to dinner Saturday evening. She made spare ribs and baked potatoes and I made baked corn. It was just mom, dad, and I. Well, Tommy ate a little bit before he headed out to dinner with a friend. They were going out for seafood. GROSS!! We had a nice time and the food was delicious. I have leftovers for dinner tonight!

I went to church yesterday, taught the two-year-olds (there were 5 of them), then went to worship, followed by lunch at Applebee's with Jeff. Then I went back to church for a meeting - it's time to replace our church signs and the topic was whether to take out Baptist when we redo the signs. I am opposed to that. We are Baptists and we shouldn't "hide" that fact. There's another meeting tonight for those who couldn't attend yesterday afternoon. We have a business meeting on 5/20, so we'll see what happens.

Now, it's the start of another work week. I love my job, so I'm looking forward to going to work!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Please continue to keep Heather and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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