Sunday, April 01, 2007


Wow my last post was 11 days ago. A lot has happened since then.

My dad was in the hospital last week. He ended up losing half his blood and had a blood transfusion, all from an abnormal blood vessel. The doctor cauterized it during a colonoscopy. Thankfully, he's home and doing well. He's still tired; and he's not had a cigarette since Wednesday, March 21st! He's been a smoker since he was 11; he's 69. We're all encouraging him to not smoke!

On Friday, the 23rd, we had our board meetings at work. We celebrated Susan's 20th work anniversary, as well as mom's 20th work anniversary! Here are the flowers mom received. I didn't take a picture of Susan's flowers. And mom's arrangement was more full - she gave some of her flowers to nephew #2, who just loves flowers. He's so darn cute, too!

We were to celebrate my sister and brother-in-law's birthdays last Sunday at my parents, but mom had a pain in her neck and couldn't move. She ended up going to the chiropractor for an adjustment of two of her vertebrae. She said it hurt, but she felt better shortly after.

We celebrated birthdays this past Thursday. It was great to be together - the whole family. My brother left at 7:00 to drive to DC; he had a 6 AM flight on Friday to California. He's a groomsmen in a friend's wedding, which took place today.

My youngest nephew, who's 2, got new glasses on Thursday. Is he not the cutest?!

My nephew and brother in their glasses

I believe spring has finally arrived! Although it's chilly, we haven't had any snow since March 16th!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my youngest sister. We went to lunch and then I did some Easter shopping, grocery shopping, and stopped for gas on the way home. Paid $2.67 per gallon. Next time, they'll be asking me to lob off my right arm to pay for gas! I babysat for my associate pastor and his wife last night. They had their annual neighborhood progressive dinner. They were able to give their testimony and plant some spiritual seeds. Their 3 kids and I watched a cute movie, which I can't remember the name of!

After church today, I went to lunch at Red Robin with 4 friends. I had a yummy salad. Then Vickie and her boys came to my house for dinner. I made macaroni and cheese and stewed tomatoes.

This week is kind of busy. I have a church council meeting tomorrow; on Tuesday, I go out to dinner with Vickie and the kids; I plan to visit my grandmother on Wednesday - she's almost 93 and getting frail; I have a Creative Memories workshop on Thursday; and a Good Friday service at church. I have nothing planned for Saturday, and hopefully I keep it that way!

I hope your week is filled with many blessings!

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