Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Yesterday morning, on my way to Caleb's Pine Wood Derby (I'll post pictures later!), I drove through my hometown - the town where we lived until 1978. I was 13 when we moved, ready to start 7th grade at a private, Christian school.

As I was driving past the houses yesterday, many of them looking somewhat the same, it brought back a lot of memories.
  • "Back in the day" when we would play outside all day.
  • We didn't have GameBoys, videos, X-Box, Nintendo - we came up with our games or played tag, kick ball, dodge ball, hide and seek.
  • I remember making mud pies. Do kids nowadays know how to make mud pies?!
  • Inside, I remember playing school and house with my 3 siblings. As the oldest, I was in charge! The teacher or the mother. We played store, too, so I was the cashier!
  • We also played board games, especially Parcheesi!
  • We rode our bikes with our friends, all around town, without our parents! I guess kids today really can't go bike riding without their parents. That's sad.
  • We had a barn that we used as a garage and storage. I remember getting caught playing doctor with a boy my mom babysat. He was reclined in a child-size lawn/lounge chair!
  • We were limited in how much television we watched. Of course, "back then," there weren't a whole lot of choices, but we could watch The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, The Brady Bunch, The Flinstones, all shows I enjoy watching in reruns!
  • I remember going fishing with mom in the creek that ran behind our house. We'd catch catfish. I hate fish!
  • The old post office is now a pizza shop. A new post office was built, along with a library, which used to be an old building where we would spend our summers - making crafts, playing on the play ground, going on field trips. FUN TIMES!
  • The Grange, beside my great-grandmother's house, is now an antique shop. There are new owners, probably several times over, of my great-grandmother's house.
  • I remember walking to Great Mammaw's. She would give me a dime for going to Yinger's (the store across the street from us) to get her some milk. I would spend that dime on penny candy at Yinger's. I remember the wooden floor creaking and the BIG wooden candy case and Mr. Yinger putting my choices in the small brown paper bag!
  • Mom's favorite item from Yinger's - Orange a bottle!

All good memories.


Susie said...

Hi Jada,
Loved coming back and reading through this post about life in a simpler time.
I'll be watching for your next post!

Anonymous said...

Ooooop's that was "NEHI" orange.