Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Lovely Day for a Wedding

I went to a wedding today. I haven't been to a wedding in about 4-5 years. Jennifer, from church, married Jim; and it was a lovely ceremony. It was great to be at a wedding where both the bride and groom know Jesus!

The officiating pastor recalled that at last night's rehearsal, he asked "Who giveth this woman?" And Jennifer's dad answered, "Her mother and I are thinking about it!" That cracked me up! I know he said that because he loves Jennifer; and she is an only child.

I didn't go to the reception, so it was neat that at the end of the ceremony, the wedding coordinator introduced the bridal party. And Jennifer and Jim greeted each guest by dismissing each row of attendees. They took care of taking all the pictures before the ceremony. When folks left the wedding, they headed to the reception and could start eating right away. It was a Baptist wedding. And you know what's said about Baptists! I'm a Baptist! Anyway, I thought it was great that they did some not-so-traditional things but also kept it a traditional wedding. Jennifer's Dad offered a prayer of blessing on the new couple and also gave thanks for the food so, literally, people could go to the reception and start eating!

I had my camera with me, but it was too dark in the sanctuary - I knew the pictures wouldn't turn out. Hopefully, I can get a picture or two from Jennifer in a few weeks.

Congratulations Jennifer and Jim!

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