Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My 100th Post

Okay, since I've been reading a lot of blogs, I've come to learn that the "bloggetyville" (a termed coined by BooMama) thing to do for your 100th post is to do a list of "100 Things About Me." I hope I can come up with 100 things! Here goes:

  1. I like my name.
  2. I'm glad my mom didn't name me Johnna Noel
    like she wanted to!
  3. My middle name is my great-grandmother's
    middle name.
  4. I'm the oldest of four.
  5. I have two sisters and a
  6. And three adorable nephews!
  7. I have known my best friend, Vickie, since
    7th grade, though we lost touch for several years after high school.
  8. I read her daughter's birth announcement in
    the newspaper.
  9. And called her mother - I remembered her
    phone number after 7+ years!
  10. My favorite color is purple!
  11. I like my handwriting.
  12. I've worked for the same organization for
    21 and a half years.
  13. I love my job!
  14. I've never been married.
  15. I would like to be married.
  16. I am thinking about doing the looong survey
  17. I love to scrapbook.
  18. So much so that I became a Creative
    Memories consultant in March.
  19. I enjoy doing laundry.
  20. I like to make "To Do" lists.
  21. And enjoy being able to cross off the
    things I've done.
  22. I like watching home improvement shows on
    TLC and HGTV.
  23. Sometimes I think that I could do some of
    the projects they complete on those shows.
  24. Then I remember that I don't have one of
    those big saw thingys!
  25. I like to be organized.
  26. My desk at work, however, is not
  27. I enjoy reading.
  28. And shopping.
  29. But I hate grocery shopping.
  30. I collect Boyds Bears.
  31. Not so much since I started
  32. I've made albums for my two oldest nephews.
    Caleb has 5 12x12 albums + a 7x7 album.
  33. I made Ben 2 12x12 albums and a 7x7
  34. I haven't started Matt's album yet. He's
  35. I've made 7x7 albums for my Mom and
  36. And for Vickie's husband, Scott, when he
    left for Kuwait.
  37. When Scott returned from Kuwait, I made him
    a 12x12 album of the events he missed while in Kuwait for 10 months.
  38. Vickie and I (and sometimes her 3 kiddos)
    go out to eat on Tuesdays.
  39. Sometimes Vickie cooks! I love her
  40. My birthday is December 20th.
  41. There are 4 December birthdays in our
  42. Plus my parents were married in
  43. As well as my grandparents.
  44. My Mom works with me part-time.
  45. I don't watch much TV.
  46. But I do like to watch "Dancing with the
  47. And "Criminal Minds."
  48. I was in the delivery room with Scott &
    Vickie when Austin was born.
  49. He's my buddy!
  50. I love taking pictures and sharing them via
    Snapfish or Kodak.
  51. I teach Preschool II at church.
  52. And am chairman of our Missions
  53. I ran the singles ministry for two
  54. And served as Church Clerk for 5+
  55. I also posted the Sunday School atttendance
    for 2+ years.
  56. I'm taking a break as Church Clerk and
    posting the S.S. attendance.
  57. I like to drive.
  58. I think it's a control issue
  59. I broke my left leg when I was two -
    jumping off the arm of a chair at my grandparents' house. On Valentine's
  60. That's the only body part I've ever
  61. I've never had major surgery.
  62. I did have my wisdom teeth
  63. The Tylenol with Codeine knocked me
  64. I went on a mission trip to the Ukraine in
  65. I hate to fly!
  66. My doctor gave me some Ativan. It didn't
    help much - I was still nervous.
  67. The first Creative Memories album I made is
    of my mission trip to the Ukraine.
  68. I've done 2 12x12 albums for myself,
    starting in 2004.
  69. I have a lot to catch up on!
  70. I also did a 12x12 album for the singles
  71. My siblings and I started an album for my
    parents for their 35th anniversary.
  72. It's still not even close to being
  73. Mom and Dad will be married 39 years in
  74. Maybe we'll finish it for their 45th!
  75. I don't like mushrooms, green peppers,
    coconut, liver, or lima beans.
  76. My favorite foods are pizza, grilled
    chicken, toasted cheese sandwich with tomato soup, Mom's deviled roundsteak,
    anything Mom cooks really, and spaghetti.
  77. Some of my favorite movies are "Pretty
    Woman," "The Other Sister," "Benny and Joon," "Father of the Bride," "Father of
    the Bride II," "Dirty Dancing," and "Almost Heaven."
  78. I love to read.
  79. I have about 6 books checked out of our
    church library to read.
  80. I've started the first one - "Sisterchicks
    on the Loose."
  81. My favorite authors are Beverly Lewis,
    Janette Oke, Liz Curtis Higgs, and Lori Wick.
  82. I've alphabetized my CD's.
  83. And spices.
  84. But my pantry is a mess.
  85. "Cleaning out and organizing pantry" is on
    my To Do list.
  86. I love to give gifts.
  87. I'm a giver and a doer.
  88. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I
    volunteer to do too much.
  89. I should buy a t-shirt that says "Stop me
    before I volunteer again." LOL
  90. I have a t-shirt that says "Aunts are
    Special People" from Vickie and her kids.
  91. I also have a t-shirt that says "Jada,
    Corie, and Wendie - sisters by chance, friends by choice." I ordered them for
    the 3 of us.
  92. I have a fetish for slippers. I counted 7
    pairs in my closet.
  93. Plus, I bought a new pair at the outlet
    this past weekend. Purple, of course!
  94. I have about 50 pairs of shoes.
  95. And 20+ purses. I had more, but I did sell
    some at a yard sale last year.
  96. It's a good thing I have 4 closets in my
    house! They're all mine!
  97. But I am cleaning out and getting rid of
    "stuff." I have too much of it.
  98. I like to decorate and redecorate my house,
    especially for Fall and for Christmas.
  99. I collect snowmen.
  100. Okay, just one more thing. Hmmmm.....Oh, I
    have an Associate's Degree in Office Communications. I didn't want to go to school for another 4 years after high school. 20 months was fine with

There you have 100 things about me! I hope you weren't totally bored reading my 100th post!

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Dianne said...

Cool 100th! Nope, not boring at all. Am bookmarking you so I remember to come visit!