Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

5 Favorite things from this week:
1. Dinner at Panera with CM team. We had a fun time and the food is always yummy there!
2. Being able to help Mom out with laundry while she recupes from knee surgery. And then having dinner with Mom, Dad, Maim, and Tommy when I deliver the laundry! Mom made chicken stir fry.
3. Getting all warm and cozy under the covers. It's been cold here this week. And even though it's tough to get out of the warmness in the morning, I'm grateful to have enough blankets to keep warm and to have a job to go to each day.
4. Spur-of-the-moment plans to go out to lunch with a colleague. We enjoyed delicious chicken salad wraps and good conversation.
5. Love sipping hot coffee in the morning! I'm doing that now, but I need a refill!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Barbara H. said...

Lunch and inner out with friends is one of my favorite things! And I have appreciated warm beds this week, too -- we've had our coldest week so far this winter. It's neat you live neat enough to your mom to be able to help after her surgery.

Barbara H. said...

That should have been "dinner out." :-)

ellen b said...

Sounds like a great week of helping and eating. I love eating with people...I enjoy sipping my coffee in the morning while I do a little blogging myself..
Stay warm!

Susanne said...

I love dinner out with friends or family. Yum.

Mmmm, I need a hot coffee refill right now too. :v)

Brenda said...

How wonderful that you are taking care of your mother!

I love sipping hot coffee any time of the day, its just my favorite thing.

Tracie said...

Awesome list! I know your Mom appreciated your help and I know it would make her so happy to know it made your top 5 of the week.

Robin said...

Mmmmm.... coffee in the morning is the ONLY way to start a day!

The Correspondent said...

I really liked the spontaneous lunch entry. I used to do things like that. :-)

Willow said...

Oh yes! I love my coffee too! I agree it's hard to get out of a warm bed in the mornings.

Blessings to you for caring for your mother!