Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend in Review

Our 4th of July picnic was at Mom and Dad's - just 4 of us - Mom, Dad, Tommy, and me. Corie and C were at Scout Camp and Wendie and her family were camping.
Dad did the grilling - pork chops and zucchini

Not a good picture of Tommy. Sorry, Tommy!

A great picture of Mom!

Dad, with his glasses off.

Mom made each of us a salad. They were delicious!

Pork chops and zucchini. We had corn on the cob and pickled eggs as well. All yummy! Even if it did rain. Thankfully, Mom and Dad's patio is screened in.

I made chocolate chip cookies with Sple*nda. They were dry, but edible. I got ice cream to go with them since they were so dry.

One of my Sunday School preschoolers turned 4 yesterday! C kept saying, "I want to go home now and open my other presents."

After lunch with Jeff on Sunday, I stopped at a Hall*mark store for some cards and also bought this table runner. The first purple one I picked up had a price tag of $44.00. LOL The next one said $9.50. That's more reasonable, so it's on my dining table.

Here's a close up.

I talked to B (soon to be 6) and asked him how camping was. He said it was fun. I asked if he went swimming and he said, "Yes, we even went swimming at night time!" I said, "No way!" And he said "Yes way!" Cracked me up!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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Susie said...

Hi Jada,
Looks like a wonderful 4th of July celebration! The food all looks yummy. We could certainly use some of that rain out here in hot, dry, California!
Your table runner is so pretty. Quite a bargain too!