Saturday, April 05, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt and Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday, March 30th, I had an Easter egg hunt at mom and dad's for my three nephews! We all weren't together on Easter Sunday and we were getting together on the 30th to celebrate Ben's and Wendie's birthdays, so we had our egg hunt before the birthday celebrating!

B hunting for eggs.

Mommy helps B get the egg on the bird house!

M found an egg!

C spots an egg!

B, C, and M

After they found all the eggs, we went inside for them to open the eggs. They each had 10 eggs and 7 of the eggs had 'tickets' inside for the boys to claim a prize! They said it was like Christmas!

One of C's prizes!

M opens a prize

B got a coloring tablet

Time to celebrate birthdays! Ben turned 39 on March 21st and Wendie turned 38 on the 25th.

Mom made an ice cream cake! There was a layer of vanilla ice cream between the two-layer cake! It was yummy!

Making wishes!

B liked his Daddy's card from Corie and C

For dinner, we had chicken and Polish noodles! All delicious!

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