Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things....

My Cuisinart coffee maker. It gets used every day!

My Cuisinart ice cream maker. Just got this and used it once. FAB-U-LOUS vanilla ice cream! I bought this on the recommendation of Susanne and I wasn't disappointed!

My Creative Memories albums. A lot of time, money, and materials went into these! I need to move them up to the living room near the door so if there's ever a fire, I can grab them! Right now, they're on a book shelf in my rec room.

My Dymo label maker.

And, finally, my Boyds Bears collection...and this isn't all of them. I have some packed away because I still have my snowmen collection displayed in the living room. And I didn't take a picture of the stuffed Boyds Bears going up both sides of my stairs.

Boyds clock and Boyds Christmas tree

These two shelf pictures are the same shelf. I couldn't get the whole thing in one picture.

Thanks for looking at some of my favorite things!

1 comment:

Diane J. said...

I have a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker just like yours, and I LOVE it! I keep the tub in the freezer so I can make ice cream anytime.

Love your bears. I used to collect more, but I've simplified over the years, and need to do more. I wonder how much I can pawn off on Jessica?.... ;o)

Have a great week, Jada.