Friday, December 14, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell is hosted by Kelli each Friday. Head over to her blog to check out all the participants!
Today, I'm sharing pictures of the doilies I purchased while I was in the Ukraine on a mission trip in 2002. I took these pictures the Friday after Thanksgiving to participate in Show and Tell Friday, but I didn't realize it was on hiatus because of the holiday! Then I got busy and didn't get a chance to post the following two Fridays. Anyway, here are the pictures. By the way, purple is my favorite color and I was so excited to find these!

This is on a shelf in my bedroom.

The back of the toilet in my bathroom.

My nightstand.

A close-up. I can't figure out how to take clear pictures close up - like Kelli does!

I just remembered I have another of the doilies on a stand in my bathroom but I didn't take a picture of that!


Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful they are!!!

Ummmmm, you're not Jada Pinkett Smith are you? [just kidding] I love your first name!!!!

ellen b. said...

How pretty and what a great reminder of your mission trip. I love the purple flowers on them...

LBP said...

Very pretty!


Barbara H. said...

They're lovely! What neat mementos of your trip!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Anonymous said...

I love your doilies, very pretty. I have some that were my grandmothers.

Tammy said...

Those are such beautiful touches, and how neat that you found them while on your mission trip!

Myrna said...

Beautiful! they look lovely in your home. So glad you finally were able to share them! :-)

Mary said...

The doilies are beautiful. I used to crochet doilies but haven't done so in a long time. Enjoyed my visit.


Mammy said...

Wow they are so gorgeous. And I am a doily lover. You were blessed to find such beautiful work. Are they a specialty over there?

Sondra said...

Your doilies are so dainty and pretty. How special that they came from far away!
I have some that my grandmother made.