Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 20th and 21st Memories

Blogger has not been cooperating the last few times I've tried to add pictures to a post. I got frustrated and just didn't even publish the post. But today, Blogger decided to upload my pictures! So, finally, here's an update with pictures from the weekend of October 20th.

I babysat B and M on Saturday, October 20th while Ben and Wendie went to their small group harvest party. Before they left, I gave M his baby album (Nov. 2004 - July 2005) and they looked through it together. M lasted about 5 minutes and B went back and forth between looking at the album and playing.

The boys did some coloring, we had pizza for dinner, then we went outside to blow bubbles.

At least it's not a real drill!

On Sunday, October 21st, B & W hosted a get together for family and friends prior to the parade in their hometown. It was a beautiful, warm, fall day, so we were able to be outside. I took A & A with me and they had a good time.

A, B, and A looking at B's fish.

All the kids had fun playing in the sandbox, swinging, and running around in the yard. They took time out to eat hotdogs, mac 'n cheese, chili, and other yummy food.

M loves his cousin M

At the parade, where candy was thrown from various sources! The kids scrambled to get their share!

If Blogger cooperates, I'll soon have another post!


Susie said...

Hi Jada
I enjoyed seeing all your pictures. The parade looks fun!
Blogger has been a bit temperamental lately, but as I always say, "it's free!"

Kelli said...

Hi Jada! What great pictures, it looks like everyone had lots of fun!