Thursday, November 02, 2006

Brother to Brother

My sister Wendie and her husband Ben have been teaching their eldest son Benjamin the virtue of looking out for his younger brother, Matthew. Benny is 4 and Matty is almost 2.
"Brothers stick together. Look out for your brother. He's younger than you are and that is what older brothers do. He needs you."
"Ok, Mommy!" Benny said with enthusiasm.
Today, Benny came into the kitchen and said, "Matty needs a tissue."
"Ok, I'll get him one" Wendie said.
Smiling proudly, Benny shows he is learning the important brotherly lesson his parents are trying to teach him.
"No, I'm helping him. Here it is!" There on Benny's index finger is Matty's boogie which he had picked from his brother's nose.

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