Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Memories

We had a wonderful and memorable Christmas holiday. Thought I'd share a 'few' pictures.

My siblings and I gave Mame (my Dad's 93-year-old Mom) a digital photo frame. Corie uploaded about 80 pictures. It's really cool!

We played bingo at Mame's on Christmas Eve.

Bingo players

After Mame's, Mom, Dad, Tommy, and I went to Corie's church for their Christmas Eve service. Corie and C lit the last advent candle and Corie sang a duet.

Corie and C

After the Christmas Eve service, we headed to Mom and Dad's for some snacks.

Mom had a chocolate fountain and a juice fountain! Very cool. I made a Taste*fully Simple cheeseball, which their dog gulped down by helping herself to it off the table while we were downstairs getting plates and cups!

I took a picture of the stockings hung on the piano with care!

On Christmas morning, at 7:00, Mom, Dad, Tommy, and I went over to Corie's to watch C open his Christmas presents and to have breakfast.

Corie made a sausage and egg casserole and Yummy Breakfast Rolls (from a Gooseberry Patch recipe that I had given her. I had it a B & B and asked for the recipe!) It is very yummy!

We spent the rest of Christmas Day at Mom and Dad's. We opened presents, Santa visited, and had delicious food. Mom's ham gravy was out of this world!

Santa rang the doorbell and had jingle bells. Here he is coming up the stairs.

Santa had lots of presents for C, B, and M.

Santa gives a gift to B, who said, "That's not Santa. That's Uncle Tommy!"

And a gift for M.

And one for C.

Santa waves goodbye.

Mom and Dad and M watching Santa leave.

And here's M waving goodbye to Santa. Too cute!

Time to open other presents!

Wendie and Ben open a present.
Dad got Mom a coo-coo clock!

Tom opens a present.

C opens his last present. It was a video chair! He was sooo happy!

Dinner time!
The table with food!
Corie made the greenbean casserole. Mom made the ham.
Mom made the sweet potato casserole and I made the baked corn.
Lots of fun and great memories!

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