Friday, August 04, 2006

Mt. Zion Elementary School Open House - 4/27/06

Mom, Dad, Corie, Tommy, and I went to Caleb's school's open house on April 27th. We had dinner in the cafeteria; then Caleb showed us all his artwork that was displayed throughout the school and all his projects in the classroom. He even prepared a PowerPoint presentation! Mammy, Mommy, and I went to Mt. Zion, too!

Caleb poses in front of his bus; Uncle Tommy watches as Caleb makes a magnet in his classroom.

Mommy looks at Caleb's artwork; Caleb, Tommy, Mammy, and Mommy admire Caleb's artwork in the classroom.

Pappy and Caleb browse an "I Spy" book in the library.

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